Sunday, January 25, 2015

ProStores EOL & eNom Dedicated Domain Names

Attention ProStores Merchants - Only 6 Days Left to EOL

Transfer Your ProStores Dedicated Domain to a New Registrar

(Required only for some ProStores accounts)
ProStores dedicated domain services are administered by the accredited registrar, eNom. A ProStores dedicated domain is one where you might have:
• Purchased and registered a custom domain through ProStores
• Transferred an existing domain to ProStores to serve as registrar and host
The ProStores eCommerce platform, and the ProStores/eNom domain registrar service under the ProStores 'domain reseller account' will cease operation after January 31, 2015. If your domain is currently registered with ProStores/eNom and you wish to keep it, you must transfer this ProStores dedicated domain to a new registrar byJanuary 31, 2015. It is highly recommended that you take action to obtain full domain access and control as soon as possible, and that you initiate the domain transfer at least 15 days before shutdown to ensure that there is enough lead time to address any possible complications that might delay the transfer.
1. Merchants can transfer their dedicated domain to any registrar they wish. Often the easiest and fastest solution is to transfer your domain to your new eCommerce provider.
One registrar, eNom, can offer a no cost, quick and easy solution to migrate your dedicated domain from a ProStores domain registrar account to a new eNom account where the merchant retains ownership and is allowed full access and control of the domain. To learn more about this process to move a ProStores dedicated domain to a private eNom account, please contact eNom:
eNom Technical/Customer Support:    1-425-974-4689
eNom Support Ticket:

2. Transfer your domain to the new registrar as soon as possible. When you are ready to make the transfer, ask the ProStores customer service team to unlock your domain so the transfer can be processed by your new registrar. Note: ProStores support will cease after January 31, 2015. eNom Customer Support listed above can assist you any time before and after January 31, 2015.
3. When the transfer is complete, your domain can be configured to continue to point to your current store until your new store is open for business.
Changing your DNS records takes only a few minutes to complete, but can take at least 48 hours to fully propagate across the Internet. Web Design Graphics Imaging SEO Bigcommerce Partner


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